Code of Professional Conduct and Practice

This Code has been written in order to help CEOs meet the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. HKICE’s aim is to increase the professionalism and ethics of its members, therefore the Code is binding on all members of the Institute, as a way of providing tangible evidence of their commitment to professionalism and probity. As such, it forms a critical ingredient of HKICE’s value proposition. It also sends a clear message to organisations that, by engaging HKICE members or, in fact, applying the Code within the organisation itself, they gain immediate added value. Members should be aware that their membership may be placed in jeopardy if formal notification and evidence is received by the Institute implying a breach of any section of the Code.

In my personal leadership and management practice and of others I will:

  • Strive for excellence at all times in terms of leadership, enterprise, and judgment in leading the company so as to achieve its continuing prosperity and act in the best interests of the company as a whole
  • Remain accountable for my actions and exercise responsibilities to employees, customers, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders, including the wider community
  • Comply with the laws of Hong Kong and operate within the spirit of those laws
  • Safeguard confidential information. I must not make improper use of information or disclose, or allow to be disclosed, information confidential to the company for personal gain, unless that disclosure has been authorised by the board of the company or is required by law
  • Act only within my level of competence and in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and performance
  • Continue to develop professionally, and seek support if asked to act beyond my current level of capability
  • Act reasonably and justifiably in identifying and resolving conflicts of values, including those of an ethical nature
  • Support employees to fully understand their responsibilities, areas of authority and accountability
  • Act consistently and fairly when addressing any shortfall in performance or standards of behaviour
  • Foster a culture of openness and transparency in communications, where issues may be addressed in a frank, timely and effective manner
  • Ensure that every individual is treated fairly and that matters of faith, conscience and diversity are respected
  • Encourage and assist employees to develop their skills and progress their careers, valuing the contribution which they may make, and recognising their achievements

As a member of HKICE I will:

  • Uphold its integrity and good standing, and refrain from conduct which detracts from its reputation
  • Promote its professional image and standing as the body exclusively for chief executives
  • Respect the professional standing of other members of the Institute
  • Comply with all reasonable requests made by the Institute for information to assist an investigation into a possible breach of the Code
  • Ensure consistency of payment of the membership annual subscription fee