Effective Sustainable Leadership Programme

Leadership is the most important topic in the social, behavioural, and organisational sciences. When sustainable leadership prevails, organisations and people prosper and grow. This programme is the leading international senior executive programme for corporate leaders who want to understand the strategic implications of sustainability risks and opportunities for their businesses and to help build sustainable leadership capability through competency developing, thought provoking, emotions discovery, behavioural modelling and perspective capacity. The programme exposes delegates to the latest data, emerging industry, policy and civil society perspectives, and to key debates and dilemmas, providing a strong basis to underpin corporate strategy development and decision-making.


To help senior leaders understand the scale of change required to address key sustainability challenges, to give them insight into innovative new approaches and responses, and to inspire them to take action.

Benefits to You

Topics covered are immediately relevant to your career, providing concepts and skills necessary towards exploring your potential, you will:

  • Gain practical knowledge in sustainability frameworks and metrics, ecological design, inclusive process, and change management
  • Develop the transformative, ethical leadership skills and facilitation tools you need to positively change yourself, your workplace and your community
  • Learn to empower yourself and others by reframing limiting ideas and applying the tools of systems thinking
  • Develop key leadership competencies for the workplace
  • Gain awareness and self-insight of the individual cognitive biases
  • Understand the emotional responses during routine activities and under pressure
  • Establish the economic and social return on investment (ROI) of sustainability initiatives to motivate your organisation to expand its efforts
  • Appreciate own thinking and behaviours based on motives and values
  • Learn the core attributes that encourage follower trust in leader
  • Articulate necessary behaviours that encourage common vision and goals
  • Learn how to motivate teams and individuals based on preferences and interests
  • Discover new methods and techniques to encourage innovation and creativity
  • Develop network and learn from the peers
  • Develop a coaching profile that attends to the person and acts as a helper
  • Learn how to make hard decisions and implement them with compassion
  • Develop a self-management routine that connects with people
  • Build collaborative relationships
  • Lead the actions and minds of people
  • Develop a new cognitive and emotional capacity
  • Learn how to build positive spaces around your people
  • Gain new perspectives towards the future
  • Develop self-leadership capability
Programme Outline
  1. Strategic self-awareness
  2. Personal career, performance risks and professional development
  3. Personality traits in action
  4. Leadership competencies
  5. Character of a leader
  6. Collaborative relationships
  7. Leadership in action
  8. Mind of a leader
  9. Perspective capacity
  10. The Leader as a helper
Who Must Attend
  • C-level
  • Managing Directors/Presidents
  • Executive Management Teams
  • Executive/Non-Executive Directors
Programme Leader

This programme will be conducted by Dr. Bruce Millett who is the Associate Dean (Teaching & Scholarship), University of Southern Queensland, Faculty of Business, Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

Certificate of Completion

Participants do not get grades/credits and will only receive a Certificate of Completion from Hong Kong Institute of Chief Executives. This programme is co-branded by UBIS University, Switzerland and therefore participants will also receive a Certificate of Completion from UBIS University upon successful completion of the programme.

Date, Time and Venue

Hong Kong Institute of Chief Executives
Room 2305A, 23/F, World-Wide House,
19 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

12/6/2015 – 14/6/2015 - Closing Date: 22/5/2015
6/11/2015 - 8/11/2015 - Closing Date: 28/10/2015
Time: 9:00am – 17.00pm


HKICE Members: HKD15,370.00
Non-Members: HKD18,745.00

Non-members are welcome to sign up for HKICE membership to enjoy the discounted rate. To sign up, please visit www.hkice.org.hk