Member List
Honorary Fellow

Dato' Anuwi Bin Hassan
CIO - Royal Malaysian Military

Dr. James Liew Tze Vun
Executive Director / CEO
Tambunan Cement Bricks Sdn Bhd

Fellow Member

Koh How Loon
Executive Director of CNI Holdings

Dato' Ir Donald Lim Siang Chai
Executive Chairman of Jiankun International
Former Malaysia Deputy Minister of Finance

Dato' Dr. Teh Kim Poo
Chairman of Port Klang Authority and Port Klang Free Zone

Dato' Sri Dr. Tiew Soon Thung
Managing Director of Andaman Property Management

Dato' Sri Dr. Tee Chee Yong
Founder and Managing Director of Super Education Group

Dr. Robby Kwok
Group Chief Executive OfMicer, AES Group

Dato' Goh Hin San
Group Advisor of Media Prima

Dr. Bruce Millet
Associate Dean (Teaching and Scholarship), University of Southern Queensland

Dato' Dr. Tan Boon Jin
Founder and Group Chairman of Visiber International Group

Dato' Dr. Ching Eu Boon
CEO of CNL Group and Oxford Business & Administrative Management Academy

Yanki Regan
Chairman and CEO of Sepang Goldcoast

Professor Dato' Dr. Asbi bin Ali
Vice President, International Affairs of Management and Science University (MSU)
Dean, School of Graduate Studies of Management and Science University (MSU)

Budiman Mohd bin Zohdi
Malaysian State Assemblyman of Sungai Besar, Selangor

Dato' Khiu Fu Siang
Founder and CEO of MK Curtain Group

Professor Dato' Dr. Haji Abdul Murad bin Ahmad
Founder and CEO of East West International College

Dr. Denny Ho
Executive Director, Lincoln Business School
Chief Executive OfMicer, Hong Kong Institute of Business Administration

Dato' Dr. Cheong Yit Yong
Founder and CEO of Primaland Port Dickson Resort & Convention Centre

Dr. Ng See Hien
Founder and Executive Director of Sien Ng Advisory

Dato' Sri Dr. How Kok Choong
Group CEO of San Hin Group

Dato’ Chang Koon Wah
Group Chairman of Akisama Group of Companies

Huang Chong Sian
Founder and Chief Executive, Waycs Consulting
Vice President, Asia PaciMic Region, California International Business University
Chief Operating OfMicer, Southeast Asia Region, Victoria University - The School of Management
Vice President, Southeast Asia, Business University of Costa Rica